ANSMA’s Goals and Objectives are:

• To promote the development of African Nova Scotian musicians in all aspects of their artistry.
• To develop the African Nova Scotian music community to become a viable industry and economic resource.
• To identify the needs of African Nova Scotian musicians and facilitate the development of resources to meet those needs (including strategic planning for the African Nova Scotian Music Industry).
• To facilitate the exchange of information between the African Nova Scotian musicians and the community at large.
• To provide education/industry related educational activities for the improvement of African Nova Scotian musicians and artists in areas such as recording, promotion and copyrights, etc.
• To establish music showcases.
• To establish a music award show profiling African Nova Scotian talent and culture.
• To provide support to the community.
• To provide leadership in developing the growth, strength and balance of the community.
• To be an integrated and cohesive organization.
• To strive for excellence in human resource management.
• To be financially viable.